What Hypnotherapy can do for you


The Counseling and Hypnotherapy Center(CHC)

What we can do for you?

Addiction Help
Adrenaline Addiction
Alcohol Additction
Caffeine Addiction
Cannabis Addiction
Chewing Tobacco Addiction
Chocolate Addiction
Cocaine Addiction Treatment
Compulsive Hand Washing
Compulsive Hoarding
Exercise Addiction
Gambling Addiction
Gaming Addiction
Heroin Addiction Treatment
Internet Addiction
Masturbation Addiction
Moderate Drinking
Obsessive Checking
Obsessive Compulsive Cleaning
Painkiller Addiction
Porn Addiction
Shopping Addiction
Social Networking Addiction
Bad Habits
Drink Less Alcohol
Excessive Blinking
Eyelash/Eyebrow Pulling
Hair Pulling
Lip Biting
Stop Chewing Gum
Stop Impulse Buying
Stop Jaw Clenching
Stop Nail Biting
Stop Nose Picking
Stop Scratching
Stop Skin Picking
Stop Thumb Sucking

Clinical Hypnotherapy
Body Dysmorphia
Escape A Cult
Manage ADHD
Noise Sensitivity
Recurring Nightmares
Stop Bed Wetting
Stop Self Harm
Stuttering Therapy
Troubled Childhood
Antidepressant Withdrawal
Depression Treatment
Managing Bipolar Disorder
OCD Treatment








Communication Skills
Assertiveness Training
Be Fascinating
Be Funny
Be More Tactful
Quit Compulsive Lying
Conversation Starter
Quit Boring
Express Your Opinion
Handling Criticism
Listening Skills
Making Small Talk
Meeting People
Nervous Talking
No More Mr Nice Guy
Powerful Voice
Saying No
Speak Clearly
Stand Up for Yourself
Stop Apologizing
Stop Arguing
Stop Being Defensive
Stop Complaining
Stop Cursing / Swearing
Stop Giving Advice
Stop Gossiping
Stop Interrupting
Think Before You Speak
Dealing with Difficult People
Dealing with Energy Vampire Shield
Dealing with Passive Aggressive
Dealing with The Angry Bully
Dealing with The Control Freak
Dealing with The Gossip
Dealing with The Guilt Tripper
Dealing with The Know-It-All
Dealing with The Leech
Dealing with The Moody Type
Dealing with The Narcissist
Dealing with The Negative Critic
Dealing with The Shy Person
Dealing with Verbal Self Defense
Emotional Intelligence
Accept Things
Anger Management
Be Kinder
Be More Humble
Birthday Blues
Control Empathy
Control Your Emotions
Crying in Arguments
Dealing With Guilt
Dealing With Rejection
Detach from Fear
Don't Be Ashamed
Express Your Emotions
Express Your Love
Feeling Down
Feeling Like a Failure
Forgive Yourself
Improve Your Mood
Impulse Control
Increase Emotional Intelligence
Let Go Of The Past
No Embarrassment
Overcome Envy
Overcome Greed
Overcome Jealousy
Respect Loved Ones
Stop Being Irritable
Stop Being Stubborn
Be More Spontaneous
Dealing with Grief and Loss
Mend a Broken Heart
Fears and Phobias
Anxiety Dining Out
Bird Phobia
Courtroom Anxiety
Cure Needle Phobia
Cure Snake Phobia
Cure Spider Phobia
Dental Phobia
Driving Test
Exam Nerves
Fear of Bees and Wasps
Fear of Boats
Fear of Bridges
Fear of Cancer
Fear of Cats
Fear of Change
Fear of Clowns
Fear of Crowds
Fear of Death
Fear of Doctors
Fear of Dogs
Fear of Driving
Fear of Elevators
Fear Of Emotions
Fear of Escalators
Fear of Failure
Fear of Fainting
Fear of Flying
Fear of General Anesthesia
Fear of Germs
Fear of Going Crazy
Fear Of Growing Up
Fear of Heights
Fear of Hospitals
Fear of Laughter
Fear Of Loud Noises
Fear of Making Mistakes
Fear of Mice
Fear of Numbers
Fear of Others Vomiting
Fear of Photographs
Fear of Planning
Fear of Poverty
Fear of Public Transport
Fear of Sharks
Fear of Success
Fear of Terrorism
Fear of the Dark
Fear of the Phone
Fear of Thunder
Fear of Touch
Fear of Travel
Fear of Violence
Fear of Vomiting
Fear of Water
Fear Of Women
Fear of Work
Fear of Money
Heart Attack Fears
Musicians & Singers Nerves
Nervous Passenger
Night Panic Attacks
Overcome Fear & Anxiety
Overcome Globus Hystericus
Overcoming Claustrophobia
Performance Anxiety
Recover After Burglary
Stage Fright
Stop Panic Attacks
Unfamiliar Surroundings
Wedding Nerves

Relationship Help
Abusive Relationship
Accept Love
Alcoholic Husband
Being Adopted
Stop Blaming Others
Stop Choosing Mr Wrong
Codependent Relationship
Emotional Intimacy
End That Affair
Ending a Relationship
Ending Friendship
Escape Emotional Abuse
Family Gatherings
Fear of Abandonment
Fear of Commitment
Fear of Rejection
Feel Attractive Now
Forgive Your Parents
Get Over a Relationship
Get Over Divorce
Give Your Partner Space
Independence in Relationships
Insecurity in Relationships
Love Again
Love Your Imperfect Partner
Partner's Sexual Past
Patience with Aging Parents
Put the Spark Back
Relationship With Mother
Save Your Marriage
Soothe Divorce
Stay Faithful
Stop Mindreading
Stop Pushing People Away
Stop Seeking Approval
Stop Snooping on Your Partner
Stop Yelling
Trust Again

Interpersonal Skills
Accepting Compliments
Approaching Women
Be a Better Friend
Be Approachable
Be Less Abrasive
Be Less Critical
Be More Attractive to Men
Be More Attractive to Women
Be More Charismatic
Be More Romantic
Become Popular
Don't be Intimidated
Don't Hold Grudges
Don't Take It Personally
Don’t Be Taken for Granted
Fear of Authority
Keeping in Touch
Less Confrontational
Overcome Fear of Confrontation
Setting Boundaries
Smile More
Stop Being Self Centered
Stop Fidgeting
Stop Passive Aggressive Behavior
Motivation and Inspiration
Achieve Your Potential
Act on Your Ideas
Back On The Horse
Dealing with Failure
Do Your Best Work
Energy Booster
Expect The Best
Get Your Drive Back
Make Tomorrow Great
More Enthusiasm
Motivation at Work
No Excuses
Self Motivation Booster
Selling Yourself
Start Own Business
Stop Waiting For Permission
Success Motivation
Think Big
Embarrassed Rich
Personal Productivity
Be More Productive
Creative Writing Hypnosis
Creativity Booster
Do It Now
Do One Thing
Easily Distracted
Get Back On Track
Get Organized
Improving Concentration and Focus
Overcome Lethargy
Overcoming Obstacles
Reach Your Goals
Read More
Self Discipline
Self Sabotage
Stop Being Lazy
Stop Procrastination
Thinking Skills
Abundance Mentality
Dealing with Disappointment
Organize Your Thinking
Overcome Indecision
Overcome Paranoia
Overcome Superstition
Positive Thinking
Stop Being a Control Freak
Stop Being Closed Minded
Stop Comparing Yourself
Stop Daydreaming
Stop Negative Thoughts
Stop Thinking the Worst
Quit Smoking Healthy Eating
Anorexia Treatment
Bulimia Treatment
Gain Weight
Weight Loss
Stop Binge Eating
Personal Skills
Asking for Help
Be Competitive
Be Less Materialistic
Be Less Passive
Be More Feminine
Be More Patient
Be More Playful
Be More Tolerant
Best Man's Speech
Daily Motivation
Develop Optimism
Develop Personal Courage
Develop Resilience
Flexible Attitude
Gratitude Attitude
Increase Your Luck
Inner Strength
Keep A Cool Head
Keep Secrets
Know Yourself
Knowledge Into Action
Masculine Man
Negotiation Training
Overcome Perfectionism
Overcome Selfishness
Personal Grooming
Positive Attitude
Resist Temptation
See the Best in Others
Stop Being Fussy
Stop Having to be Right
Take Responsibility
Will Power Booster

Self Confidence
Attractive Men
Attractive Women
Believe In Yourself
Trust Yourself



Self Esteem
Deeper Self Respect
Find Your Identity
Inferiority Complex
Overcome Insecurity
Self Acceptance
Self Esteem Booster
Self Esteem in Relationships
Stop Self Hate
Stop Self Blame
Stop Self Pity
Sleep Problems
Stop Bounce Out Of Bed
Cure Insomnia
Drift Off To Sleep
Being an Early Bed
Fall Asleep Fast
Go Back To Sleep
Ignore Snoring
Night Worry
Stop Sleep Talking and Walking
Sleeping Pill Addiction
Social Anxiety
Being Yourself Socially
Fear of Judgment
Generalized Anxiety Treatment
Overcome Shyness
Social Phobia
Socializing Motivation
Stop Blushing
Stop Nervous Laughter